Let him question, let him be, let him deliver… then take all the credit.

Chris Pearson
West Herts College 

I love Adrian’s left-field thinking on ideas and design. He challenges (with deft humour) both me and my clients to go beyond the obvious to create something that will stand out from the norm.

Nathan King
Addvantage Marketing

Don't tell him anything, it will ruin it.

Keith Francis
Marketing Guru

There's something the matter with your website. I clicked on it and all I saw was a picture of a tramp and nothing happened. Where's the interactivity honey?

Rob Holmes

We are extremely impressed with Adrian's design and branding skills. He has completely re-branded our Sculpture School resulting in a considerable increase in bookings. He has enormous patience and skill. His quality of service is rare indeed.

Diane Coates
The Sculpture School

Adrian’s work demonstrates perfectly that you don’t need to go to a big agency to get seriously high-calibre branding and identity work done. His thinking is strategic - broad and deep - and he cares hugely about producing ideas which do a sophisticated job for the brand or product. He then turns his ideas into clever identities and design directions which stand the test of time. The work I have done with him has been excellent every time, over more than a decade.

Jan Stannard 

I have worked with Adrian in various capacities over the past 25 years. Throughout that time, Adrian has provided creative solutions of the highest calibre, and has worked as a true collaborator by thinking deeply about the business context and requirements.

David Hodgkinson
Chairman, Quintessa